Laura James
Licensed Professional Counselor
OK #6263

Laura James LPC-S

Laura is a licensed counselor with a Master of Science in Professional Counseling. Laura works with couples striving to have meaningful relationships and feel more fully present in their lives. Laura believes that at our core, we are all whole individuals who do not need to be fixed or cured but instead need environments of acceptance and curiosity to grow into ourselves. She creates a safe space that allows her clients to move through the therapy process and get in touch with parts of themselves that can enrich their lives and relationships. Laura is Level 1-trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS), which allows her to help clients work through past relational and attachment trauma. She has also completed advanced training and is seeking Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) certification. This model is helpful as she works with couples working on developing secure, emotionally fulfilling relationships. 

Laura is passionate about helping her clients develop meaningful relationships because she knows how painful it is to feel misunderstood and disconnected. She believes in her client’s ability to connect with their strengths and reach their treatment goals.

About Laura James

Laura grew up in the Kansas City area and spent her early twenties in Phoenix, Arizona. She earned her undergraduate and master’s degree in Arizona before moving to Tulsa. She currently lives in Tulsa with her husband, Justin, and two children, Charlotte and Kaleb. Laura enjoys traveling, yoga, camping and hiking, and spending time with her family.