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Janine Deal
LPC Candidate

Janine Deal, LPC Candidate

Janine holds a B.S. in Community Counseling from Rogers State University and a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health from John Brown University. Janine has been a part of the Tulsa-based Demand Project for many years, working in multiple positions within the organization. Through her work with victims and survivors, she has developed a deep appreciation for trauma recovery. Janine is EMDR-trained and uses this in her practice with clients to help them in their journey to recovery.

In addition to her passion for trauma work, Janine also enjoys working with clients who might struggle with issues around acculturation, language barriers, culture shock, or discrimination because of her own multicultural background. Through her lived experience with post-partum anxiety and depression, Janine also realizes how important it is to address loneliness and life transitions and walks alongside new mommas who are struggling with these issues.

Brene Brown writes that “You either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside and hustle for your worthiness.” As a therapist, Janine creates a safe space for her clients that allows them to walk inside their own story with ownership, integrity, and in deep appreciation of their strengths.

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About Janine Deal

Janine was born and raised in Germany, and studied gender studies at the University of Basel, Switzerland, and psychology at the Open University in Great Britain. Besides being a nerd, Janine is also a wife and homeschooling momma to three adorable kiddos.

Janine is a European at heart, having grown up in Germany and traveling extensively all throughout Europe and other parts of the world in her younger years. This has left her with an appreciation for history, (mostly Western) philosophy, and cultural sensitivities. She is trying to instill this into her marriage and children, by homeschooling the kiddos and traveling to see family in Germany and France as often as possible.

When she is not busy maintaining all of the relationships she has made with people all over the world or keeping on top of her children’s hunger and thirst for learning and/or food (mostly the latter…!), she loves to spend her time reading (if not psychology-related, it’s gotta be psychothrillers!), crafting, puzzling, playing piano, yoga, hiking/camping, or simply sitting around a table with good friends discussing the world’s problems.